River Rats Kaituna Rafting

The River Rats Kaituna Waterfall Experience will see you paddling through the pristine heart of the best rafting region in New Zealand – Okere, Rotorua. This spectacular 2.0 - 2.5 hour experience provides all the gear you need, initial training and around 50mins on the water. Enjoy a thrilling mix of dropping down three waterfalls, pushing through 14 rushing rapids and paddling through calm waters of recovery where you can look back in awe at what you have achieved.

The Kaituna Waterfall Experience is suitable for many ages and stages from nature lovers to adventurous first timers (13 years and over) and total thrill seekers. Soak up the calm peacefulness of the lush native bush surrounding the Kaituna River and realise what 100% Pure New Zealand really means. You will appreciate the warmer waters of the North Island as the water splashes over the raft while you take on the rapids with your expert guide.

The area is steeped in Māori history and you will learn about the history and caves where the women and children were hidden and then later used as the burial ground for Chief Tutea – hence the naming of the mighty waterfall the Tutea Falls.

To book just mention you are attending the 'ACEM Winter Symposium' and you will receive a 15% discount.

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