Keynote Speakers

We are excited to have two exceptional keynote speakers. 

Tim Parke is an Emergency Physician from Glasgow heavily involved with pre-hospital and ED systems and formerly Director of Auckland City Hospital ED.  

Jan Bone is an Emergency Physician from Christchurch who faced the extra-ordinary challenge of being on duty during the major earthquake, and since then has worked extensively on ED team wellness. Both are engaging speakers.

Dr Jan Bone

Jan Bone is a Consultant Emergency Physician at Christchurch Hospital. She has strong interests in Paediatrics, procedural sedation, trauma, ultrasound, dealing with families in crisis, medical photography and how people tick. Her biggest passion is education, particularly in the clinical setting. She believes in teamwork and strives to make the transfer of theoretical knowledge into practical application fun. 


Dr Tim Parke

Tim is the Associate Medical Director for the Scottish Ambulance Service with responsibility for major trauma, major incidents, medicines management and emergency care. He is also an Emergency Medicine Consultant at The Queen Elizabeth University Hospital and a Pre-Hospital & Retrieval Consultant for ScotSTAR in Glasgow, Scotland. 

Previously Tim has worked as the Clinical Director for Emergency Medicine in Auckland City Hospital, New Zealand, a flight physician with the Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust and as the Clinical Director for Emergency Medicine for South Glasgow. 

He is dually trained in EM and ICM, and has interests in ED flow & targets, emergency airway care, pre-hospital emergency care, and trauma networks. Tim has been a life-long outspoken advocate for the effectiveness of public healthcare systems in both the UK and NZ, and the essential role played by high quality EM within those systems.

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