Foundation and Bridging Educators New Zealand Conference
CQ Hotel Wellington 29 - 30 November
'Inspiring Success - Transforming the Student Experience'



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Thursday 29 November

8.00 - 9.00am Registration, Tea/Coffee
9.00 - 9.15am Welcome/Mihi Whakatau
9.15 - 9.30am Conference Convenor/Housekeeping
9.30 - 10.30am KEYNOTE
Finding Your Way by Moonlight: Supporting Journeys to Unexpected Horizons
Welby Ings
10.30 - 10.55am Morning Tea
11.00 - 11.45am Roundtables 
  Bridging cultures over-under: Enabling success from the heart Michelle Houge
Joanne Forrest
  Manifestos, mutants and mash-ups:
Punking the online learning experience
Angela Jones
Anita Olds
  Development of a multidisciplinary assignment
for first-year engineering students
Saad Odeh
  What is critical thinking? Pre-commencement perceptions
of enabling students entering into university studies
Frank Armstrong
Trixie James
  Team-based and case-based learning: A hybrid pedagogy
model enhancing students' academic performance and
experiences at first-year tertiary level
Shaimaa Atwa 
  What's so positive about Positive Psychology in an enabling course? Karen Seary
Trixie James
  Intensive mode widening participation programs and
threshold concepts: An uneasy fit
Charmaine Davis
Jonathan Green
  Enhanced formative classroom observations to support
teaching practices for newly appointed tertiary educators
Helen Van Toor
11.50 - 12.50pm Workshops
  Diverse ways of knowing: Playful learning in higher education
Sandra Elsom
Marguerite Westacott
  Embracing and embedding malie and mafana, Tongan values
that can transform science education in Aotearoa
Sonia Fonua
  Redesign of a management subject to enhance student
engagement and success by using the experiential learning approach
 Amita Krautloher
12.50 - 1.30pm Lunch
1.35 - 2.35pm Forum
'A Prickle-ly Perch': Collaborative Conversations about Mental Health and Wellbeing
Marguerite Westacott
2.40 - 3.35pm Pechakucha
  Aboriginal pedagogies and approaches in enabling programs
Sharlene Leroy-Dyer
  Literacy and communication issues and concerns for nursing
students from non-English speaking backgrounds (NESB)
Diane Duff
Tatra Palfery
Heejin Chang
  Enabling learning through digital technologies
Anthea Fudge
Jennifer Stokes
Tanya Weiler
  Rename to reframe: Is it time to stop "enabling" students?
Jonathan Green
  "You can be good enough, you can be great!":
An accelerated entry pathway program for school leavers
Tatra Palfery
Heejin Chang
  Learning analytics to promote deep learning: Framing information
 literacy assessment around student interests in enabling education
Jennifer Stokes
3.40 - 4.00pm Afternoon Tea
4.05 - 5.05pm Roundtables
  Designing the Academic Literacy Level Test (ALLTest)
  Regimes of truth? The framing of literacy in the Literacy and
Numeracy Adult Assessment Tool
  Rediscovering science: age, time and opportunity reigniting
STEM participation
  Reflective encounters for enabling educators: The role of
debriefing in building psychological capital 
  Enabling success?
  Transition pedagogy and curriculum in an extended
tertiary program informing regular university curriculum
  Mothers in enabling: Overcoming challenges to become
better role models and an inspiration to their families
  What we are doing works! Maintaining favourable
retention in the STEPS enabling course in an Australian university
5.10 - 5.30pm FABENZ AGM


Friday 30 November

8.30 - 9.00am Registration, Tea/Coffee
9.05 - 10.00am Pechakucha
  Building a knowledge community: Fostering an inclusive learning
environment in an Australian enabling program.
Sarah Hattam
Bianca Price
Jennifer Stokes 
  'Reaching' your students: A multi-channel approach to teaching
Paul Chojenta
  Enabling pedagogy: Insights for supporting student learning
 in enabling programs
Jennifer Stokes
  Situated learning on a pre-degree programme: Experience and reflections
Mary Hoover
Sean Kimpton
  Supporting learning through online learning strategies
Emily Saavedra
  Enriching mathematical learning experience using group tasks
Yik Ching Lee
  Improving for success where every student matters
Janelle Marrington
  Get ready, set, go!
Hermina Conradie
10.20 - 10.35am Morning Tea
10.40 - 11.40pm Workshops
  Scaffolding strategies by distance: Unravelling good learning
design practice in one distance learning context
Aleesha Reid
Tara Burghoff
Mel Boyd
  'Starting strong': Using workshops in week zero to foster
student engagement and confidence
 Tanya Weiler
Paul Oldham
  Two-eyed seeing for both ways knowing: Methodological
approaches to enable indigenous academic engagement and success
Joanne Forrest
Michelle Hogue
  Word/s Matter/s!: A workshop on inclusive language
Michelle Mansfield
Kristen Allen
11.45 - 12.55pm Ako Aotearo - launch of the new Adult Literacy, Numeracy
and Cultural Capability Framework

TEC, Helen Lomax, Joe Te Rito, Graeme Smith, Damon Whitton, Annette Van Lamoen
A new way forward - building adult literacy, numeracy and cultural
capability in Aotearoa's foundation sector
1.00 - 1.45pm Lunch
1.45 - 2.25pm Ako Aotearoa - Cultural Capability
Mei Winitana
2.25 - 3.05pm Open Forum (TBA)
3.10 - 3.30pm Conference conclusion


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Rae Trewartha
Conference Convenor

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Registration Manager

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